Repost fra THISWAY by Julie Pallesen- Miami for one night

Miami is such a fun and cool place with lots of places to go out for dinner and party. After sunset, the city transforms into an outgoing city where nothing is too much.

Above the average of the women dress up in very short, tight, and colorful dresses with high heels and a lot of make-up. I always find it so funny and entertaining to look at people and their outfits. Therefore I decided to go completely opposite and wear a black beautiful dress in order to stand out of the crowd. I mean, I still dressed up but I was different than everybody, which I think is what fashion is all about – to stand out in your own personal way.
My dress is from Schulz by Crowd from River And Raven and is made by organic textile. Together with the dress, I was wearing Gucci flower shoes and Gucci colorful bag and big solar earrings from Maria Black. 

Dream Dress:




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